Planetary Annihilation Released

As of September the 5th, the game as been live. No longer in Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Galactic war update, but Finally Release edition. If you haven't already decided to purchase the game its only 29.99 on steam. You can also purchase directly from .  I've been playing casually during the various stages of the game I may have racked up over 50 hours now. Definitely is different and quite fun. Hey anytime you can make a death star and completely obliterate another planet that is a win in my book. Add me on Steam if you want to play a game (BTU_Ebduncan)


To the sad state of this website? I had planned on releasing a new UI. I worked on it, lost interest, started again and now I'm here. The UI is done, but I have lost FTP access to the site to make any changes. I will work on getting that sorted and bring about an update to his vastly outdated site. Once this is done I hope we can enter a new chapter of being a completive gaming clan in current and upcoming titles. 

As always keep cool and keep fresh. 

Posted on 2014 Sep 10 by Ebduncan
Entering 2014!

   Here we are entering the year 2014. Hard to think this whole thing started back in 1998.  For over 16 years we have talked and gamed together now. While not quite as established as we once were alot of members still talk and play online. This update is more about trying to get back to that glorifed status of being an elite gaming clan known to the world. I have personally been playing all sorts of games lately. Battlefield 4, Dota 2, Skyrim, Planetary Annihilation, Sim City, Crysis 3.... etc So many new games to choose from these days its nuts! 

For those who don't know. I sometimes will stream on twitch! You can find me over at

The Quest Countinues! 



Posted on 2014 Feb 10 by Ebduncan
Planetary Annihilation Goes Beta

I haven't posted much lately. Not a whole lot going on with in PA to really post much about. Well finally the Alpha stage is over and Beta has begun. You can finally smash planets, although I have yet to actually accomplish this task. 

I am still disappointed with the game so far. Here's why

1.I mean it is like a locus to your computer, sucks it dry of any available resource. IE I have 16gb of ram, and it will use all of it on some systems of only a few planets.

2. The strategic zoom levels with icons is really annoying, ie you can zoom out and all the icons go away. Zoom far enough in and they disappear but at least you can see the units.

3. Trees and other map surface textures are a nuisance!! I wish i could reclaim them or set them ablaze!

4. So you can have bases on multiple planets , but there is no way to switch between your bases quickly. You have to zoom out select the planet, then zoom in to your base, highly annoying. Would be nice to save a view to a control group or something so you can switch quickly.

5.Unit information, and building information gets the smallest little sliver of your screen on the bottom left. Its so small its damn near unreadable. They should make it bigger and easier to read. You know its kind of helpful to be able to read that information. IE how many bombers do I need to send to destroy that building in one pass.  

6. The ocean looks like a joke, I mean common, its just laughable to look at. This is a 2013 game?

7. That's all i can think of for now that bothers me about the game. It shows promise, but i fear with the 2 remaining months it won't be enough to get it finished properly.

Posted on 2013 Oct 05 by Ebduncan
More Candy!

The fellas over at uber have released some gameplay footage of Planetary Annihilation in its Pre-Alpha state. Overall it looks alot of Total Annihilation , which is nice compared to Supreme Commander series. Check it out 

Click Here to watch the video


Posted on 2013 Apr 29 by Ebduncan
Pc Gamer! gets their grubby hands on Planetary Annihilation!

I find some of their home brew tags to be quite funny. Here is the link. Click Here

"A bunch of early Planetary Annihilation screenshots have popped up on the Planetary Annihilation blog, showing a wide selection of prototype building and unit designs (thanks, PCGamesN). Uber Entertainment count a number of Gas Powered Games and Cavedog veterans among their number, so some of the models will look quite famliar to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander players."

Posted on 2013 Mar 08 by Ebduncan
Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas from your fellow BTU members. We lived past the doomsdays of 12/21/12, so here we are today wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!.


Posted on 2012 Dec 25 by Ebduncan

An interview with our very own at uber Howard Mostrom - Read about what your ears will hear in Planetary Annihilation Click here to Read 


Side Note- Website is still under development. Some things will be changing, and well for the better. I've been swamped as of late with Exams, and well all these good games going out. Here are some of my suggestions

-FarCry3 - Awesome, rich graphics, hunting, stealth what is there not to love

-Hitman Absolution- decent, rich graphics, Talk about being hardcore with the stealth

-Sleeping Dogs- Fun, rich graphics, better than GTA enough said. 

Notice what they all have in common, Rich Graphics, these games are pretty and really showcase what a good gaming computer can do vs those consoles. 

Posted on 2012 Dec 07 by Ebduncan
Planetary Annihilation Wall Papers!

I found some goods for you folks who are waiting for this epic RTS to come out. Here are some desktop candy for you.

Posted on 2012 Oct 30 by Ebduncan
Full Article on Planetary Annihilation Scope & Features

Hello all,

In light of some recent message board confrontations a lot of answers to "backer" questions have been resolved in a fairly lengthy article.

Full article

Here are the key take-aways:

Planetary Annihilation has been in concept for about three years

Minimum specifications: currently Sandy Bridge for 2-4 players

Playing on a more powerful machine will be critical.

Planetary Annihilation will support games of up to 40 players, spanning an entire solar system

Galactic War

“We’re not going for realism. We’re going for awesome.“

Uber Office-8341

Uber Entertainment’s office in Kirkland, Wash.

Gas giants will support orbital and air units only

Originally, Uber made it clear that gas giants would have some special form of land but, for the most part, would require using only orbital and air units.


The scale of realism: planets as weapons

PA Asteroid

One of the coolest features in PA is how asteroids can be used as weapons by building engines on them and literally hurling them at planets. 


Shooting stars and real stars

What about the sun? Can units or asteroids be tossed into the biggest furnace in the solar system? “No, they’re just background” — only there for visual effect.


Interplanetary Weapons

PA Orbital Bombardment

From the initial Kickstarter video, we were introduced to the concept of firing units from asteroids or other planets. In both Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, there were major attack units that could fire across entire maps. That’ll be available in PA, too.


But Planetary Annihilation is not a space-combat game

Don’t be fooled into thinking that PA has any space combat. All combat is ground-based. 

What about super weapons? What about the Krogoth?

Total Annihilation fans will all remember the Krogoth, the impossibly massive killing machine that was by far the most dangerous unit ever conceived in an RTS. Such units will be in the game, but they are still under development.


Multiple windows for a complete mission control display

Supreme Commander and several other RTS games supported multiple windows, and so will PA.

PC only today, but a future for tablets?

Posted on 2012 Sep 12 by Storm
New Stretch Goal Reached on Planetary Annihilation

Well folks the group over at Uber have reached their next tier on Kick Starter. We will now have Metal and lava planets! Pretty sweet if you ask me. Here is some concept art of some units in the game.

Posted on 2012 Sep 10 by Ebduncan

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